Elisa Stecca

Elisa Stecca

Dialogo entre Apolo e Dionísio, 2016

Glass, brass and coral

120 x 23 x 9 cm

Elisa Stecca

Estilingue, 2017

Pyrite mineral, leather, brass, glass, water and mercury

175 x 70 x 17 cm

Elisa Stecca

Silêncio tátil, 2017


Variable dimension

Elisa Stecca

São Paulo, Brazil

Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil


Elisa Stecca lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Graduated in Fine Arts from FAAP (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado) and bachelor degree in Law from Faculdade do Largo de São Francisco (USP). Stecca studied jewelry with Nelson Alvim and lost-wax process at Roxi Design. She attended at Studio Berçot, Paris and was nominated for a Cornick Foundation scholarship in the glassblowing category learned at Pilchuck School, Seattle.


The artist explores the limits between art and design, functional and contemplative objects. Stecca's sculptures arise from expressive materials and combine these elements in unique pieces using different mediums such as ceramics, mirrors, wood, pearls, Brazilian stones, water and alchemical elements (mercury, gold, silver). These works invite to a close observation that seeks to evoke a sacred moment of contemplation and silence.


Her work has been selected to participate in solo and group shows, highlighting: Centro Cultural São Paulo, Brazil; MAM-Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, Brazil; Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, EUA; The Weisman Museum of Minnesota, USA; The Walker of Art Center, USA; Museu de Arte Sacra São Paulo, Brazil; and Claustro de La Basílica de la Puríssima Concepció, Barcelona, Spain.